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Now available 6/17/2017, narrow inlay bracelets this style: (Due to our tremendous & vast inventory please email or call for pricing of bracelets other than Thomas Natachu or additional photos) two in onyx small size, two in angel skin coral small size, six medium size in orange coral , one slightly larger in orange coral, Dark Lapis availability three small size three medium size and two slightly larger than medium now available. Turquoise four medium/small now available, two have no matrix (bluer) the other two have matrix, not as blue. Opal two available medium/small. One opal has white with red fire the other has white with slightly green tones. We have currently today two medium tiger eye bracelets and one slightly larger than medium tiger eye bracelets in stock. Two medium bracelets in Varacite, (mint green in color).Serpentine green one medium/larger size. One old, from melted glaciers, walrus tusk ivory bracelet small/medium. This style of bracelet can not be special ordered. This photo is an example of several bracelets we carry in a variety of colors this style. Our selection changes each day. Prices range from $300.-$575. depending on bracelet size and rarity of stone. Due to this fact, sizes colors in this style will vary day to day. These prices also will vary as well depending on stone type and size. If you have a color in mind or a size you need you can call or email us and we can tell you what colors are in stock and what sizes are currently available. We can not special or custom order any of these bracelets due to the fact that Thomas Natachu works a full time job and has his own family and works at his leisure creating these beautiful bracelets. I am still waiting patiently, as is my customer, on an order a good customer of mine wanted three years ago if that gives you an idea of how long the wait would be if you decided to order one in your size or your color. Thomas Natachu is the Zuni artist of this Sterling Silver narrow bracelet domed with cut out rectangular sections of onyx inlaid, domed,(shown). Solid sterling,quality weight,with a sleek design, smart look great for sporty or dressy attire. This bracelet is more for a flat wrist rather than for a round wrist measures 6 5/8" all the way around measuring the inside of the bracelet,(that measurement does include the opening). Bracelet has an 1 1/4" opening, and measures 1/2" domed,1/4"D. This bracelet has to fit it can not be flexed. When you measure your wrist measure using a soft cloth tape measure and measure the base of your wrist where your bracelet would be worn and measure it so it is a little loose but comfortable, include the opening all the way around. Since Thomas also works full time often he has little time to do custom orders,so please call us for items we may have similar style and color. This is a popular bracelet so our inventory varies from day to day. Please call us to see if we have your specified color and size just for you... Colors we carry are oxblood red coral, orange coral,angel skin coral,Turquoise blue, Turquoise green, Varacite, Lapis dark, Lapis Denim, Gaspeite, Sugilite, amber, malachite,clam shell white,tiger eye,dolomite, jasper (picture jasper), opal blue, opal white, opal green,(opal is real but is lab created and is much more tolerable to dry conditions), dark orange spiny oyster shell,light orange spiny oyster shell, multi-color inlay of red black white and turquoise blue. What a great gift this will be...and...for not alot of money and authentic Native American made. Thanks for looking!
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