Pottery Acoma Frederica Antonio_10

Pottery Acoma Frederica Antonio_10

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Frederica Antonio is the Acoma artist of this extraordinarily beautiful handmade intricately handpainted pot.

What makes this pot so special?  Many aspects make this pot so exceptional.

This base measures only 1" round with very thin walls measuring 1/8"width.

Pot stands 5 3/4"H x 6 1/2"W. This pot has a beautiful overall shape.

You will marvel at it's beauty as it adorns your home or office.

Show off your good taste in Native American Art in pottery, to not only to yourself,

but also to all your friends and family when you...

"Buy it Now" online at Mudhead Gallery, and choose to make this yours.

You hold the key to buying wonderful art that you will enjoy your entire lifetime...

Buying great art is a choice...

*"In the photo showing two of Frederica's fine line pots,similar, please note that you would be
purchasing "the larger" of the two pots shown" in this particular listing.
This listing then showing the larger pot shown, most similar is selling for $2200. and not on sale.*
Whereas the smaller pot, not on this listing,today, is on sale for $1600. normally retails for $1800.

*The smaller pot shown is our other one similar but smaller that sells for $1600. 

I just wanted to show you them side by side to better inform you

of your choices of the two and the similarities and their differences.*

Thanks for looking!

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